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Tire Tech Talk with Michelin Road Race Engineers_4263

Join us Wednesday, January 10th from 5pm-7pm as we welcome engineers from Michelin North America. These guys are coming up to our shop before their season kicks off to train us on a variety of tires for high performance driving enthusiasts. We will have four select tires on display and the engineers will discuss the progressive performance range, benefits of each tire and the development behind it. The four tires featured will be: 1. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 (All Season Sport Tire) 2. Michel... (more)

FLOW Audi WinstonSalem Private Track Day 125_4090

Customer appreciation is a word said by many but for the people at FLOW Audi of Winston Salem, saying it just isn't enough. So they rented Virginia International Raceway, contacted every customer who had purchased a car from them, and invited them to come on down for a day of fast fun. GMP Performance has built a long-standing relationship with these incredible people and this year, we were able to invite our Audi customers as well. The track time was split into three groups to ensure every... (more)

Porsche Club of Fall HPDE VIRNovember 17th19th_4144

Standing outside in the middle of November doesn't sound like a fantastic way to spend a weekend for most but add cars and we're there! At the season closer for the Porsche Club of America, we loaded up the hauler and headed up to VIR to provide support for some pretty cool Porsches (plus a BMW and Audi that tagged along). The weather was ideal for a fall weekend, sunny and mild, letting us focus on keeping our customers going fast. 

Audi Club PCC Fall HPDE VIR November 4th5th_4138

Neither the chill or the rain could stop the Audi club from taking advantage of some track time before the season officially ends. With a full paddock and Audis galore, GMP Performance ventured into the nippy November air to offer transport and track support. We can say with all certainty that splashing through puddles is just as fun as running in the sunshine. 

Audi Club Carolinas Shop Visit Fall 2017 923_4089

We love Audis! Tracking them, dailying them, upgrading them, reading about them, going to shows about them, going to meetings about them. Anything happens that involves an Audi and it's almost guaranteed you'll find us there. So we started thinking and feel like it's well past time that we open our doors and invite our fellow Audi fanatics to share the love with us and what a better way to do that than to invite Audi Club North America of the Carolinas to the shop? We hope you will join the Aud... (more)


DUB Deliverance was created by VAG & Motorsports enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Located in the heart of the DC/NOVA area at the brand NEW Dominion Raceway, Deliverance. has activities for everyone on track or off. As event sponsors, we couldn't wait to join in the fun ourselves, bringing our S5 to the track for some laps! It was a blast sharing the track with all the other Audis and VWs and the entirety of Dominion was overflowing with Dub fans happily sharing their passion for their ride... (more)

MVasion Michelin Headquarters July 15th 2017_4041

From its very inception, Mvasion has been an instant hit. With some of Instagram's heaviest hitters for the M car culture involved in the show's creation, word spread fast and this event grew before it was even officially off the ground. They arrived at GMP Performance in February and despite chilly temps, the turn out was incredible. Beautiful Bimmers from up and down the East Coast and beyond showed up to show off and in the end, we had over 600 enthusiasts congregated in our sh... (more)

WannaGoFast May 20th21st_3768

Our first venture into the world of WannaGoFast was a fantastic experience. WannaGoFast brags of high speed fun and they did not lie!  With many of our clients joining us for this awesome event and perfect weather, we couldn't ask for a better weekend.    This event was held at the Stanly County Airport in New London, NC, all of the participants will be given a chance to take their vehicle’s Top Speed down the 5500 ft runway and race door-to-door against the... (more)

Smokies GT3_3928

Thank you guys again for the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful event. We have complied all our pictures and created an Event Gallery to share on our site. We would appreciate if you like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Also, if we worked on your vehicle, we would sincerely appreciate you leave us a note on our social media channels. Testimonials are the biggest help for us. Here are the links to those pages Google Reviews, Facebooks Reviews, BBB Reviews, Yelp Reviews. We saw... (more)


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