VW Fuel Systems


VW Beetle/EOS/Jetta GLI/CC/Golf GTI/ Golf R/Tiguan APR Low Pressure Fueling System for the EA113 and EA888 2.0T

Starting at $649.99
APR is pleased to present the ultimate low pressure fueling system upgrade for the VAG EA113 and EA888 2.0T engines!   The APR Low Pressure Fuel Pump (LPFP) Upgrade is designed to ensure the low pressure fueling system is capable of delivering the proper volume of fuel from the fuel tank to t ...

VW MK5 Golf GTI/ Jetta GLI 2.0T FSI High Pressure Fuel Pump Upgrade by APR - Rebuild ONLY

Part # MS100017
APR offers a rebuild service for your existing fuel pump. Your pump will be removed and sent directly to APR for the modification. We store the vehicles inside our warehouse while the pump is out for upgrade. Upon arrival, the pump is thoroughly inspected to ensure that the internal components are s ...

VW MK5 Golf GTI/Jetta GLI 2.0T FSI High Pressure Fuel Pump Upgrade by APR

Part # MS100016
Modification of the 2.0T FSI engine far beyond OEM power levels requires an additional volume of high-pressure fuel especially in the midrange (3000-5000rpm) of the powerband. To understand why this fuel is needed for the midrange, one must first understand how the fuel delivery system works in the ...

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