VW Exhaust Systems

VW exhaust systems add style, performance and most importantly sound! The sound of an exhaust is very objective and each system has its unique sound developed by the manufacturer for each individual vehicle according to their specifications. We list a number of brands and sometimes a range sound levels because the perfect sound can be described hundreds of ways and is unique to each individuals taste. The various exhaust components have been designed by a manufacturer to work individually or as a complete package. There are numerous exhaust system options varying in diameter and grades of material. In addition, exhaust systems are sold as complete systems that can include everything such as headers, downpipes, high performance catalytic converters, mid-pipes/resonators, mufflers and tips, to simpler cat-back exhaust, turbo back exhaust, exhaust mufflers only and with any number of exhaust tip designs. We support the best brands in the industry and have them listed on this page. However, the best way to find the right system for you car is to register your vehicle in the top left corner of our site and it will sort these systems by what works for your car.


2004-2007 Volkswagen Touareg V8 S Fabspeed Maxflo Performance Mufflers

By FabSpeed
Increase power and save weight with a throatier and deeper exhaust note throughout the RPM range                                                           ...

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