Porsche Transmission Upgrades

Today's automatic transmission options are far more advanced than previous years and are becoming a viable performance alternative. Audi/VW's DSG, BMW's DCT and Porsche's PDK are popular options for the performance enthusiast. We offer upgrades to improve the drivability quickening shift points and increasing line pressures to reduce shift times. Full transmission rebuilds upgrade the durability of continuous spirited-driving.

Porsche 997.2 Turbo PDK Transmission Upgrade by speedART

By SpeedART Porsche
Part # P97.755.080.PDKV
The Porsche PDK transmission is rated to handle the standard torque and horsepower output but once you replace turbos and increase the output, the discs inside the transmission begin to overheat. Once the transmission overheats, the vehicle will go into safe mode to protect it's hardware. speedART h ...

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