Lamborghini Air Intakes

An air intake system is one of the most cost effective ways to increase your vehicles performance. GMP Performance offers a variety of intake systems. Each system replaces the factory airbox allowing air into the motor more efficiently increasing horsepower and throttle response. To achieve maximum performance, you want the coldest air possible. Air Intake Systems are designed to the filter away from your engine's heat.

Lamborghini Gallardo Carbon Fiber Air Boxes

By Carbonio
Enhance Lamborghini’s awesome Ferrari fighter with a pair of our autoclaved carbon fiber airboxes for the Gallardo. Completely re-profiled to improve the velocity and volume of flow to the throttle plates, while beneftting from carbon’s insulating properties, these airboxes enhance the V-10’s drivea ...

Lamborghini Gallardo V10 (coupe only) GruppeM Ram Air Carbon Fiber Intake System

By GruppeM
Part # FRI-0181
Made of the highest quality carbon fiber, GruppeM's exclusive ram-air design cools the intake charge from excess engine heat and forces a higher volume of air into the engine's manifold for more power and a throaty sound.   Airflow is the key ingredient to the combustion cycle of a high-perfo ...

Lamborghini Huracan Eventuri Intake System

By Eventuri
Performance Gain: 18hp, 25Nm The Lamborghini Huracan Eventuri intake system – form and function in sublime harmony. Our aim was to create a flagship intake and set a benchmark for this platform – by using organic curves and prepreg carbon fibre the results speak for themselves. Gone are ...

Lamborghini LP560 and LP550 2009-up Performance Airbox by Carbonio

By Carbonio
From the factory, the LP560's air-filters are integrated with the MAF housings, resulting in a much more expensive maintenance bill when replacement time comes. Carbonio's re-engineered airbox not only fixes this problem (with separate, reusable filters), but also acts as a shield, protecting you ...

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