Audi Superchargers

Audi B8 S5 4.2L FSI V8 APR Stage III+ TVS1740 Supercharger System

Starting at $12,449.00
APR is pleased to present the B8 S5 4.2L FSI V8 Stage III+ TVS1740 Supercharger System! APR’s technical reach has grown enormously since opening in the 1990’s and currently represents a force of unmatched performance without compromise in the performance enhancement sector for Audi vehi ...

Audi R8 4.2L '08+ VF550 Supercharger system by VF Engineering

By VF Engineering
Part # SVFK85-01
Fitment: Audi R8 V8 2008+ Base: 420 hp / 317 ft/lbs Engine: 4.2 V8 FSI ECU: 2x MED9 Trans: Man/R-tronic  Supercharged: 550 hp / 438 ft/lbs 7.5 PSI Eaton TVS1900 supercharger Cast manifold Integrated air/water aftercooler ECU software flash  VF-Engineering R&D facility in An ...

Audi S4/S5 3.0T APR Ultracharger System

Part # MS100128
This is the APR Ultracharger System. The APR Ultracharger System dramatically increases horsepower and torque, and maximizes the power potential of the 3.0 TFSI. It removes a massive pre-supercharger restriction, allowing uninterrupted airflow into the supercharger for up to an astonishing 542 HP w ...

JHM Stage 1 Supercharger Kit for Audi B6-B7 S4

Part # JHM-B6B7S4SCS1
Our JHM Stage 1 Supercharger Kit for the B6-B7 S4 will make 80 to 100 wheel horsepower over your car's current configuration. Your current modifications, your dynamometer (dyno) used, temperature, elevation, and octane of gas will all effect the exact amount of power gains. Ultimately, the JHM Stage ...

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