Maserati Superchargers


By Novitec
Part # M1 002 00
  NOVITEC TRIDENTE, the global leader in tuning for the automobiles from the Italian manufacturer, now offers a SUPERSPORT supercharged engine Following tried and proven NOVITEC TRIDENTE tradition, a supercharger is also employed to enhance the performance of the sport model of the Maserati m ...

Maserati GranTurismo S Sport Compressor System (fits GT-S model only) by Novitec

By Novitec
Part # M1 002 02
NOVITEC's Sport Compressor system takes your GT-S to another level with a self-oiled centrifugal supercharger, modified air-induction, and reflashed ECUs. Temperatures for the force-fed air are kept to a minimum by an air-water intercooler system, and boost is set at 5.3 psi. On the performance side ...

Novitec Maserati Quattroporte S / Sport GT-S Sport Compressor

By Novitec
Part # M1 001 01
Including one supercharger with separated oil-circuit, modified induction-tract, watercooled intercooler with additional watercooler, pump, rein-forced V-ripped belts, injectors as well as a modified ECU. 590hp.

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