Fiat Sway Bars

Neuspeed Neu-F Front Anti-Roll Bar - 25mm for Fiat 500s

By Neuspeed
Part # NF.1525
Finally here, 25mm front anti-roll bar for Fiat 500, Turbo, and Abarth.   Neu-F Front Anti-Roll Bar is made with aerospace grade steel material with remarkable shape memory and is formed utilizing CNC Mandrel bender which ensures smooth bends, accurate shape and consistency through out its le ...

Neuspeed Neu-F Rear Torsion Bar - 28mm for Fiat 500 Abarth and Turbo

By Neuspeed
Part # NF.2528
The Fiat 500 turbo/Abarth's rear suspension does not have a common 'sway bar' because, technically, no part of it is connected to the subframe. We call this a torsion bar because it works by countering any twisting motion on Fiat's rear axle beam (and not independent) suspension.   Neu-F 28mm ...

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