Mercedes Engine Upgrades

Mercedes A45 / CLA45 Weistec Turbo Heat Shield

By Weistec Engineering
Part # 01-133-00893-8
The original M133 heat shield leaves a lot on the table in terms of function and looks. Many 45 AMG owners complain about high under hood temps, so hot that the act of opening the hood latch burns their hands. *Shown with Weistec Downpipe and midpipe upgrade. Will fit stock downpipe as well. The W ...

Mercedes A45/CLA45 AMG W176 Weistec M133 Anti Surge Valve

By Weistec Engineering
Part # 01-133-01203-4
ANTI SURGE VALVE All high performance turbocharged engines require a pressure release system.  A major shortcoming of AMG’s potent M133 engine is the lack of a bypass valve.  When increasing your vehicle's performance, the absence of such a valve can inevitably lead to compressor su ...

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