Audi/VW Engine Upgrades

APR 2.0T EA113 PCV Block-off Plate

Part # MS100126
APR Presents the Universal Catch Can and PCV Block-off Plate.   Designed for the DIY installers, the universal APR Catch Can Systems and Accessories are designed for use on vehicles where APR does not sell an application specific Catch Can System.  The APR Oil Catch Can System traps exce ...

Audi/ VW Ulitmate Crankshaft Girdle Kit for the 2.0T FSI Engines

Under high RPM and power use your block can begin to flex, causing severe main bearing wear or even a broken crank. Reinforcing the block is a necessity for these extreme applications. This girdle kit uses a 3/8” steel plate to bolt on the underside of your block to reinforce it and prevent fr ...

Audi/VW Integrated Engineering PCV Solution Kit for 2.0T FSI Engines

By Integrated Engineering
Part # IEBAVC17
One of the most common failures on the 2.0T FSI engine is the factory pressure-relief valve. These valves are in place to recirculate crankcase gases into the intake manifold once they open. Although this works fine for a few thousand miles, they begin to leak over time and cause boost to go past th ...

Audi/VW Replacement Diverter Valve for 2.0litre FSI TSI Engines

By Forge
This valve is for VAG vehicles equipped with the 2.0T FSI or TFSi engines that have the electronically controlled bypass valves. It is recommended for any vehicle where the boost pressure has been increased by an ECU software upgrade and for unmodified vehicles fitted with the earlier version of the ...

Forge Motorsport Blow Off Valve kit for VAG 1.8T 2.0T Engines

Starting at $290.00
By Forge
Forge Motorsport offer this valve option for the 1.8T & 2.0T FSI and TSI engines, including the late 2011-2013 fitted with the IHI turbo, found in a wide range of vehicles from VW and Audi. This valve, part number FMFSITAT, is a hybrid of sorts, that combines our existing full rep ...

Neuspeed Power Pulley Kit

Starting at $199.95
By Neuspeed
Your car's power steering pump and alternator are powered by a belt connected back to the crankshaft pulley. Spinning these pulleys draws precious horsepower from your engine. NEUSPEED's powertrain engineer, using sophisticated CAD software, performed a mass properties analysis of the crank, power s ...

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