Tesla Complete Aero Kits

2016+ Tesla Model S Prior Design PD-S1000 Aerodynamic Kit

By Prior Design
This product is made from high quality FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic). The material is a unique blend of epoxy and flex resin that gives excellent strength, flexibility and light weight.    All of our parts are designed and developed in Germany to the highest quality standards.  Fit a ...

Tesla Model S 1.0 T Sportline 4-piece Carbon Fiber Sport Package

By T Sportline
Part # TS 000 000
Our Tesla Carbon Fiber Front Apron for the Model S spruces the look of the front end of the Model S just enough for people to turn their head while walking by. The apron protrudes by no more than .5" inches and provides the front end of the Model S with a sportier look. Does the grey plastic Tesla ...

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