Fender Rolling

Price: $75.00 Each

Wheel and tire packages recommeded by GMP are designed to fit cars conservatively. Customers are always pushing the extreme fitment envelope demanding bigger wheels and wider tires. Aggressive wheel and tire packages should be tailored to fit a car just as a suit is to a person's body. Fender rolling is required to make some of the aggressive wheel fitments work without incident. Using a patented fender rolling machine, we are able to stretch your automobile's fenders without affecting the paint.

Fender rolling consists of folding the inner lip of the wheel well arch into a tighter V-shape or completely flat U-shape which will enhance clearance and allow for bigger wheels and tires.

Each vehicle is different and requires a certain level of skill and patience. We at GMP have been rolling fenders for many years and know the techniques to successfully perform the job.

Each fender needs to be approached a little differently, even on the same car. Heat is applied to increase flexibility and prevent damage to the paint. We use a specially-designed tool that bolts to the hub of your vehicle.

The top image shown is the rolled fender in comparison to the stock fender shown on the bottom image. As you can see, an additional 20mm of clearance was attained.

The complete process can take up to an hour per corner. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Images are provided by the manufacturer/supplier and may be a generic photo for representation purposes, and not of the actual product. Pricing also subject to change without notice.

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