Air Intake Power Gasket for VW and Audi


PowerGasket™ gives you up to 5% more power from your engine by reducing the temperature of the incoming air to your engine. NewSouth Performance has designed an insulating gasket that radically reduces the heat transfer from the cylinder head to the intake manifold. This gives you cooler, denser air for more horsepower and performance from your engine. Made from a high performance polymer, PowerGasket™ conducts on average less than 1/500th of the heat of the steel gasket that it replaces. Your intake manifold will stay 30-50° F cooler and your incoming air will stay 20-30° F cooler. PowerGasket Plus™ is a composite material that has a significantly higher continuous operating temperature than the original PowerGasket and does not require the application of any extra sealant.

About NewSouth

NewSouth Performance LLC specializes in designing and manufacturing quality automotive parts and accessories for Volkswagens, Audis and Hondas.

Our patent-holding engineering staff takes pride in creating products that are developed and tested for their best application on a particular vehicle.  We are true automotive enthusiasts and strive to help others reach their automotive goals.

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