Factory Finish Brake Caliper Painting

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Add a blast of color to your stock brake calipers! Get the look of a monster set of brakes or just match the rear calipers to your recent big brake kit install. Caliper painting is an easy way to improve the aesthetics and can be a do-it-yourself job. However, to get a long lasting finish that shines like the factory paint job on the car, we take caliper painting to the next level, offering our Factory Finish Brake Caliper Painting service.

Our painting process is turn-key but we do offer two options for enthusiasts in regards to the labor involved. Both options are painted using the same actual automotive process used to paint a vehicle. We start by completely removing the calipers from the vehicle. Prep is a crucial process and we go the extra step to clean and degrease the caliper prior to painting them. This allows us to get a more detailed finish and a seamless look all the way around the caliper. We paint the calipers with OEM factory paint and include standard finishes. Additionally, we can also specifiy custom paint code finishes such as pearls and metallics for those that want an exact color-match. Additional charges (Approx $150) may apply based on the paint colors.

Brake calipers are not complete without the vehicle logos and we then take the original logo and have a decal made and it is applied to the caliper. We can also provide custom logos for those that want to go the extra mile. Then the entire unit is clear coated and polished to a mirror finish shine. The calipers are then re-installed, torqued to spec and the system is rebled. We will need to add a bottle of brake fluid to system since the calipers are drained when removed. Also, since the calipers are removed from the brake lines, it is a great time to upgrade to stainless steel brake lines, better brake fluid and a set of our low-dust street performance pads.

The entire process is very involved and we keep the car for up to 5 days. The results are well worth the wait!


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