Spring Track Day - March 15th 2014


Join the GMP team and other European automotive enthusiasts for our Spring track day at Carolina Motorsports Park, March 15th, 2014.

Track Day - Saturday, March 15th 2014
Saturday's track day is held at CMP in Kershaw, SC. The Palmetto Motorsports Club, 
CMP's private membership-only motorsports club, has extended an exclusive invitation to share this day with registered GMP Performance clients. The intimate PMC format guarantees a minimum of five, twenty minute sessions, with additional sessions as time permits, all in one day. Our trailer and techs will be on hand to assist participants with everything from helmet rental, car preparation (removing loose items such as floormats, setting tire pressures and adding numbers), giving directions on where to go and keeping track of the event schedule. Each participant receives their own box to store their valuables which is stored in the trailer during the day. Chairs are set up around tables and we supply a mix of snacks and drinks.  

Participants are grouped into three groups based on experience levels to insure the utmost safety.

Group 1: The DE (Drivers Ed) group is for novice drivers to get comfortable with the track day experience. Participants are assigned an instructor that will ride in the car to explain driving/track techniques and is there to keep you and others safe. Instructional class-time is included to brief you on the
course layout, track procedures and passing rules. Passing is  only permitted in designated "safe-zones" which are on the longer straight-aways to keep risks at an absolute minimum. Since this group has instructors, we strongly encourage early sign-up as we try and pair instructors with experience in particular cars. Registration for the Drivers Ed group closes March 1st.

Group 2: The Solo group allows more experienced drivers to run at a higher pace and overtaking is allowed in designated zones with a "point-by".

Group 3: The super-solo group is for racers and their racecars. Passing is allowed and participants can enjoy abundant track time for testing.

There will also be an opportunity for enthusiasts to get on track for Touring laps. A series of controlled speed laps will be performed for those looking to familiarize themselves with what its like to be on track. These laps will be held during the mandatory quiet hour at lunch. There are also rental Go-Karts for those enthusiasts not old enough to participate on the track. 

Track Day Registration includes all of the following:
+an abundant amount of track time
+track wheel/tire transport to and from the track
+onsite track support (vehicle prep/wheel torque/tire pressure check)

Track Day Schedule:

7:00am-7:45am : Tech Inspection
7:45am-8:00am : Mandatory Driver's Meeting
8:00am-12:00pm : Morning Track & Classroom Sessions
12:00pm-12:15 : Group Photo on Front Straight
12:30pm : PMC Luncheon/Touring Laps
1:00pm-5:00pm : Afternoon Track Sessions
5:00pm : Track Sessions Concluded

Tech Inspections: A comprehensive inspection of the vehicle will be performed the week prior to the event. During this time, we check over the brakes, steering, suspension and engine. We strongly recommend replacing the brake fluid with a high temp variation. Additionally, worn out items such as tires may need to be replaced and can be ordered in time for the event. 

Lodging is available five minutes from the track at the Executive Inn.

If you would like to get involved in this event as a volunteer or vendor, send an email to Media@GMPperformance.com.

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