Audi A4/A5/S4/S5 (B8/B8.5 Chassis) Adjustable Upper Control Arms

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This set of adjustable upper control arms will allow +/-1.5° Camber and/or Caster change on a wide range of Audi and VW models. These arms directly replace factory fixed-length arms, allowing easy adjustments after installation. Engineered for both street and track use, forged 6061-T6 aluminum ends with large 18mm threaded adjuster links assure this is the strongest kit available.

Maintenance free ball joints and bushings provide factory ride, handling, and NVH performance.

Front Adjustment range: Camber: -1.5 degrees to +1.5 degrees Caster: -1.5 degrees to +1.5 degrees

This platform takes two arms per side and kits are sold per corner.

Required: 1 kit per wheel

Replacement rubber bushings are available should you need some. Email us for more information.



Installation Experience


After completing a number of installations and alignments using these arms we have learned of some things that must be taken into consideration during the alignment process. With stock control arms these cars tend to end up upwards of 2 degrees of negative camber. The factory specification for most suspension codes* is 1.08 degrees with a tolerance of +/- of 0.38 degrees. This means that the "perfect" car from the factory is set to 1.08 degrees, but if the car is anywhere from 0.7 to 1.46 degrees Audi deems it okay. 


We have learned that with any adjustable upper arms on the B8 chassis you should not aim for the factory specification of 1.08 degrees. Because these arms correct negative camber by increasing in length there is a point at which it becomes possible for the very end of the control arm to contact the chassis and, on the drivers side, contact and damage an electrical wiring harness. The actual value will change depend on how low the car is and it's unique characteristics, but our experience has shown that 1.3-1.4 degrees is enough for most cars to provide the needed clearance. This is still within Audi's tolerance range, and will provide a slight handling improvement.




* - Standard (1BA), Sport (1BE/1BD), and Active (1BL) suspensions use the same camber specification. S-Line (1BV) suspension has the specification at 1.22 degrees with the same tolerance range.

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