Porsche 991 S Carrera Plenum

Part # 91482-3.8
List Price $995.00
Price: $945.25 Each
Savings: $49.75 (5%)

In typical Porsche fashion, new engine offerings are staggered from new body offerings. This means that the 991 Carrera engine remains relatively unchanged from the previous 997.2 Carrera model. The intake systems are "almost" identical to each other but not exactly. A few minor changes and additions need to be made to the existing Carrera DFI IPD Plenum castings in order to make them compatible with the new 991's. These minor revisions are being address and are currently in progress.

We expect performance improvements to remain at around 16 HP and 13 foot pounds of torque at the wheels with the 3.8 liter Carrera S model and 14 HP and 12 foot pounds of torque at the wheels with the 3.6 liter Carrera Non-S model.

Engine access is without a doubt, more challenging compared to the 997.2 models. We will detail what's involved with the installation process after we fit the new Plenums to our 2 test vehicles. At the moment it doesn't appear to be as difficult as was originally expected.

We have had many 991 Plenum inquiries from satisfied customers who had IPD Plenums installed on their 996 and 997 Carreras and look forward to delivering another great performance improvement Plenum for all the 991 Carrera customers who need more power and torque. The new 991 IPD Carrera Plenums should be available in January 2013.

About IPD



DFI-Machining-01_smInnovative Pro Design (IPD) was founded in 2004 by Mike "Turbo" Kirakosyan. The IPD Plenums were conceived, developed, tested, proven and manufactured in the heart of the Porsche Tuning capital, Southern California. The IPD plenums evolved from the age old hot rod philosophy of "never leave good enough alone". The genius behind the IPD Intake Plenums is not only the patented "Y" design but also the geometry of diversion areas, optimization of bore sizes and internal surface area manipulation.

Virtually all performance upgrades stem from man's innate and unstoppable quest for speed and power, and the IPD Plenums are no exception. Turbo Mike's "Need for Speed" is embedded in his DNA. His relentless pursuit of performance extends well beyond the Plenums. Mike is an accomplished fabricator, engine builder, tuner and all around Porsche expert.

Back in 2000 Mike's personal 3.8 liter Porsche Twin Turbo was a daily driver developing over 1000 horsepower (at the flywheel) and capable of unheard of acceleration Watch the Video. This car was the test mule for all initial plenum designs and performed over 1000 dyno pulls during it's extensive developmental process.

Mike's continual quest for more power combined with his passion for Porsches have yielded the ultimate Porsche performance upgrade, the IPD Intake Plenum. Mike spends endless hours on the dyno continually testing, tuning, modifying and retesting each plenum model until the perfect plenum design is achieved for each specific Porsche model.

Plenum-with-Castings_smEarly implementation of diversion splitters were cast and polished then installed inside the OE factory Porsche air distributor. These early "shoe horned" splitters yielded power gains but still required a larger opening near the throttle body for optimum performance. This is where today's single cast and machined IPD Plenum really performs and warranted a patent design.

Top-View-of-Plenums_smAlthough the concept of the patented "Y" design plenum appears simple and straight forward there is a science behind the diversion areas and optimization of volumetric efficiencies. It's only after countless prototypes and endless hours of dyno testing that an actual Plenum design is put into production. 

The entire IPD team is dedicated to providing the absolute best after market performance products for Porsche. IPD stands behind each and every plenum and our promised power claims with a 100% money back guarantee if not completely satisfied after 30 days.

We back up our dyno proven performance claims with honest, knowledgeable and friendly service. So many manufacturers inflate their performance gains with questionable and unqualified dynos. We only advertise performance gains that we can consistently replicate and promise will be realized on our customer cars. (Photo of Plenum being installed on Porsche)

DFI-Plenum-Installed-01_smIPD has substantially expanded its product range over the years and will continue to maintain this growth with new and innovative products. Even the current existing IPD product line, now covering more than 30 Porsche applications, under goes continual scrutiny and fine tuning improvements.

All of IPD Plenums will continue to come standard with customer satisfaction guaranteed, No dreaded check engine lights or warranty voiding issues and most important, impressive performance gains sure to make any Porsche driving enthusiast smile.

Thousands of IPD Intake Plenums have been sold with over a 99% customer satisfaction rate which few manufactures can claim in any industry. We even have the skeptics covered with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. So if you're ready to increase the performance of your late model Porsche then look no further than the ultimate Porsche bolt on performance mod, the IPD Intake Plenum.

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