Audi B8 A4/A5/Q5 EuroCode Tuning Front Mount Intercooler Kit



Eurocode Tuning is proud to introduce our FMIC kit for the B8 chassis A4. Over 12 months of testing, research and development & manufacturing has been put into providing a kit that is second to nothing.


Our FMIC kit features the following:

  • 22" x 11" x 3" high density bar and plate core 
  • CAD designed cast aluminum endtanks, with directional vanes on the hotside to reduce turbulence
  • CNC machined, billet aluminum support bracket, engraved with our logo
  • CNC machined, billet aluminum 2.5" turbo outlet adapter
  • Mandrel bent, 2.5" aluminum hard piping from turbo outlet, to core and from core to throttle body
  • CNC machined, billet aluminum MAP sensor bung
  • 5 ply silicone couplers (six provided)
  • 306 stainless steel t-bolt clamps (twelve provided)
  • 306 stainless steel installation hardware (complete)


Plumbing available in Mirror Polished or Powder coated black Both form and function are equally important to the team at Eurocode, because of this; we set out to build the most beautiful and top performing kit on the market. Computer aided design (CAD) and Stereolithography (SLA) was used throughout our modeling process. Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) software provided us with the calculations to develop a cast aluminum endtank that is so efficient, the pressure drop and turbulence are among the most minimal we have seen. This efficiency has proven to reduce air intake temperatures (IATs) bay as much as 35% in repeated full load runs. Reduction of IATs is crucial to performance of turbocharged engines; we have see horsepower recovery in excess of 20WHP with both APR and REVO stage II programming. Temperature recovery of our FMIC is incredible as well, allowing for stable IAT's during multiple full load pulls.

The team at Eurocode found that the tiny 2" cast aluminum turbo outlet flange was a huge restriction to turbo output as well as spool time, because of this; we are including a 2.5" (over 60% larger) CNC machined billet aluminum outlet adapter. This adapter provides a smooth transition to our 2.5" mandrel bent aluminum hard piping. Aesthetical highlights of our FMIC kit are the gorgeous CNC machined, billet aluminum support bracket, which allows the core to be suspended in free air from the factory crash bar. The brace is attached with rubber well nuts that provide both ease of installation and vibration dampening. Our 26" wide core (endtank to endtank) fills if the entire lower portion of the grill. Installation is a breeze with absolutely no cutting, trimming or welding. Please visit the installation tab for our installation guide

About EuroCodeTuning

We opened Eurocode in 2001 to provide a place where other Audi and Volkswagen enthusiasts could get honest, quick, courteous and reliable answers and service as they maintained and modified their cars. Since then, we've gained a loyal and growing clientele, establishing relationships based on trust and integrity, honesty, professionalism, and meticulous, expert service. Our mission is to demystify VAG performance, to make tuning or upgrading your car straightforward and fun, and to simplify a process which at times can be daunting and intimidating.

We work to do this through our approach to our customers and in the quality of our service. Here at Eurocode, we treat our customers' cars as our own, our customers as our family, and our business as our passion. We know that finding quality service can be difficult, and that finding a reliable, solid tuner can be downright frustrating if not at times alienating an even scary. We know the anxiety that can stem from not knowing who's working on your car, what their qualifications are, and what exactly they're doing to it.

At Eurocode, we sympathize with these frustrations and work to take away the stress. Our goal is to make things simple by communicating with our customers in a down-to-earth manner, by telling them what we think in honest, straightforward terms, by listening to what they have to say, and by offering the very best service available. Our shop forman, for instance, is an actual Audi-Certified Master Technician who has worked on more VAG cars than you could shake a diverter valve at. Our fabricator can fix or fab anything you can imagine, and then some. Our tuner played a key role in introducing REVO to the west coast, continues to help develop the software, and for years now has been the top seller / tuner of REVO products in the United States. We strive to be the best at what we do and we stand by all of our work, so our customers can enjoy the easy confidence that comes with knowing they are in good hands.

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The Team at Eurocode Tuning

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