Audi A4/A5 2.0TSI EuroCode Tuning High Flow Intercooler Pipe

Part # EC-B8A4-20Q-IC4-B
Shipping Dimensions: 10.00" x 20.00" x 8.00"
Price: $149.00 Kit

The second photo with the square box represents the OEM intercooler pipe connected to the sound box. EuroCode Tuning's High Flow Intercooler Pipe replaces the OEM plastic pipe. This pipe is located between the lower driver side intercooler hose and throttle body hose and mounts to the frame rail. The OEM sound box has to be filled by pressurized air before air can make it to the motor. This creates a pressure drop in the system and thus adds to the "laggy ness" of the turbo motor.


The EuroCode High Flow Intercooler Pipe Eliminates this sound box. The diameter is consistent all the way through without any unnecessary bends, the high flow Intercooler Pipe is a must for any 2.0 TSI engine with aftermarket programming. The Intercooler pipe delivers much better air flow for greater turbo reaction thus increasing throttle response. Manufactured using aluminum piping that has been mandrel bent for maximum flow. A flange has been added which utilizes the OEM rubber inserts to allow it to be installed in the factory location. Also attached to the pipe are provisions for the factory MAP sensor (Boost pressure sensor).


The high flow intercooler pipe is available in powder coated Black. Along with the EuroCode Tuning High Flow Cat or EuroCode Tuning E-Pipe you will increase turbo reaction and spool up significantly. This will drastically broaden the power band of the vehicle and overall performance.


Notes Fits all longitudinally mounted 2.0TSI Audi B8 A4/A5 models.

Note: Black coating is only available.

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