Audi TT-RS AWE Tuning Front Mount Intercooler

Part # 4510-11034
Shipping Dimensions: 12.00" x 48.00" x 12.00"
List Price $868.48
Price: $825.06 Kit
Savings: $43.42 (5%)
  • Max gains of +17hp/+17ft-lb tq
  • IAT 25°F lower than stock
  • .8psi lower pressure drop than stock
  • No crash bar modification required for installation
  • Cast aluminum end tanks
  • Designed in-house at AWE Tuning


When designing the AWE Tuning TT RS Front Mounted Intercooler; the exposed frontal area, cooling fin count, and end take geometry were just some of the key research and development points covered in the process to create the finest Front Mounted Intercooler for the TT RS on the market.

Stay cool

Reducing intake temperatures and eliminating intercooler heat soak allows turbo charged cars to perform at an optimum level. AWE Tuning’s TT RS Front Mounted Intercooler goes above and beyond, and is a must have for any TT RS owner that wants to keep it cool.

Due to the high intake temperatures recorded on our otherwise stock development car, and the aggressive tune of each TT RS as it comes from the factory, AWE Tuning highly recommends using an aftermarket intercooler. Even more so with a tuned car.

Dropping temps

The AWE Tuning TT RS Front Mounted Intercooler has 80% more cooling area than stock, with cast aluminum end tanks offering superior flow. The AWE Tuning TT RS Front Mounted Intercooler also measured a cool 25 degrees Fahrenheit Intake Air Temperature (I.A.T.) lower than the stock intercooler.

A high efficiency bar and plate intercooler core ensures durability and reliability for years to come. Peak power gains were measured at +15hp and +7lbft of torque. Maximum power gains were measured at +17hp and +17lbft of torque.


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