McLaren MP4-12C/650S Evolution MotorSports EVT825 Engine Performance Kit

Price: $25,590.00 Each

Intelligent Tuning... Insanely Tuned.

The heart of the Evolution MotorSports engine upgrades for the McLaren MP4-12C & 650S is a complete Performance System that has been designed from the ground up with individual components engineered to work as a complete kit. All of our individual products were developed with the end power goal in mind. This allows trouble-free staged upgrades as your appetite for more power increases. All of our upgrade stages integrate seamlessly individually or as a complete performance system to improve the power and torque of the twin turbocharged McLaren 3.8L engine. 


Product Features

Evolution MotorSports Engine Performance System for the McLaren MP4-12C & 650S improves upon the already impressive stock engine horsepower and torque. The stock 3.8L twin turbocharged engine with our EVT825 Performance System is transformed to an impressive 827 horsepower and 700lb./ft. of torque. Stock power as tested on our AWD Mustang 500SE dyno for the MP4-12C was 621 horsepower and 500lb./ft. of torque. Our 100% "Bolt-On" engine performance system upgrades the key engine components required to push the safe limits of the McLaren engine. Our larger and more efficient turbochargers generate more airflow allowing the engine to unleash its power potential for an otherwise stock engine. Our software remapping of the OEM Bosch MED17 ECU enables us access to modify the boost, ignition, fuel, TQ limits, rev limits, launch control settings, and many other parameters to create a safe and potent power upgrade that is second to none.



EVOMSit ECU Recalibration: Extracting the maximum and safe performance of the McLaren 3.8L V8 Twin turbo engine is hidden within the OEM ECU. To unleash the full power potential requires modifying the OEM Bosch MED17 ECU with our EVOMSit software Recalibration. Having access to and being able to modify the boost, ignition, fuel, TQ limits, rev limits, launch control settings and many other parameters allows us to create a safe and potent power upgrade that is second to none. Countless hours’ dyno and real world testing the McLaren has allowed us to achieve unparalleled results.


Hand-crafted Stainless Steel Exhaust / Catalysts: Our Hand-crafted Fabspeed Stainless Steel German Made HJS 200 Cell high flow catalysts (HFC) significantly reduce engine back pressure and exhaust gas temperatures (EGT’s) which enable the turbochargers and engine to operate more efficiently. Our HFC pipes are made from mandrel bent stainless steel, are a direct replacement for the OEM catalysts, and utilize the OEM heat shields. The “exhaust notes” with the free flowing exhaust system with quad tips further enhances the already intoxicating engine sound which is slightly more aggressive without any obnoxious exhaust “bark”.


Billet Wheel Ball Bearing High Flow Turbochargers: Our upgraded turbochargers were engineered to be a true “Bolt-On” even though they contain many upgraded part. We completely gutted the OEM Mitsubishi TD04 turbos and fitted Garrett center sections with ball bearings, a custom turbine, and billet compressor wheel. Our ball bearing turbocharger upgrade is more efficient than stock, capable of up to 950hp while spooling up at lower RPM and with better response than the smaller OEM turbos. We undertook painstaking efforts to deliver an easy and trouble-free installation. Our turbos are a direct replacement and bolt up to the OEM header and catalysts pipes. The OEM oil and water supplies mate up correctly using the supplied hardware.


Exhaust Header / Catalyst Pipe Heat Defense Blankets: The final piece to the equation is our Heat Defense Products for the OEM Exhaust Manifolds and Upgraded High Flow Catalyst Pipes. Our custom-made heat blankets are made in the USA from the highest grade Carbon/Kevlar materials to dramatically reduce exhaust heat radiated into the engine bay. Exhaust heat has a significant impact on the performance of the McLaren’s intercoolers, which are positioned next to the exhaust and become quickly heat soaked due to their close proximity. Hot intercoolers are less effective at cooling the boosted air from the turbos, resulting in higher intake temperatures and less power. Our heat blankets reduce heat transfer between the exhaust, intercoolers, and surrounding components, improving intercooler efficiency for more consistent power delivery. The exhaust manifold blankets are designed to allow the OEM heat shields to be installed over top of them, providing a double-layered heat defense. The net effect is Lower Temperatures = Higher & More Consistent Power!


Unleash the Power Potential – MP4-12C / 650S

Our EVT825 Performance System significantly increases horsepower and torque which dramatically enhances the overall engine performance / driving experience. All of our individual products were developed with the end power goal in mind. This allows trouble-free staged upgrades as your appetite for more power increases. Power stages currently available:

  • EVT825S 827 HP / 700 TQ (EVOMSit ECU, High Flow Catalysts, BB Turbo Upgrade, Heat Defense Blankets)
  • EVT855R 857 HP / 720 TQ (EVOMSit ECU, Catalyst Delete, BB Turbo Upgrade, Heat Defense Blankets
  • Improved Throttle Response

    • Quicker Acceleration
    • Smooth / Seamless Power Delivery
    • Dyno Tested & Track Verified
    • Safe, Proven Results
Stock MP4-12C:
  • Wheel Power: 528 AWHP / 425 AWTQ – All Stock
  • Engine Power: 621 HP / 500 TQ

Test Car Baseline:
  • Wheel Power: 560 AWHP / 460AWTQ – Fitted with High Flow Catalysts
  • Engine Power: 659 HP / 540TQ

  • Wheel Power: 705 AWHP / 600 AWTQ – Fitted with EVOMS EVT825 Performance System
  • Engine Power: 829 HP / 705 TQ

About Evolution Motorsports



Intelligent Tuning – Insanely Tuned. These are not just words; this is the SOUL of Evolution MotorSports.  With each new generation of technology, this core essence of our existence is what differentiates us from the competition. In 2001, we began the “Insanely Tuned” revolution with our over the top, high horsepower 996 twin turbos, which dominated the industry. Our perseverance and core beliefs have been substantiated with many coveted awards and current standing world records. Our vast performance innovations have set the industry standard and are currently used as the benchmark for many companies and consumers alike. While “they” try to catch up and replicate or duplicate our technologies, we have surpassed our own advancements while raising the bar even higher. Once you experience this elevated level of mind bending performance, it is a virus in your blood.

Our History & Mission:
Evolution: ev - o - lu - tion  (noun) A gradual process in which something changes especially into a more complex form.   Mission: We exist to satisfy our customers’ addiction to speed and passion for high performance.   

Philosophy: Engineer, manufacture and offer the highest quality performance components for an elite group of extreme individuals.  Our cars are our passion, more than a means to get to and from work but an expression of who we are as people. An extension of our personalities: unique, aggressive, strong and powerful. We can help make each drive more enjoyable, more intense and less mundane.  We can help transform your car from the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Experience: We have over half a century of combined experience in automotive engineering, design, fabrication, racing and many other facets of the automotive industry.  We drive and race the cars that we build components for.  We have an extensive R&D and test program that ensures our components are held in the highest standards. 

Our Porsche race efforts help keep us on the cutting edge as we are constantly in search of that last ounce of power, a better “mouse trap” or ways to make the car handle or brake better.  We share your passion, your dream and the never-ending pursuit of more speed and performance.  











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