2013+ Audi B8 RS5 V8 GruppeM RamAir Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake System

Part # FRI-0204
Price: $2,619.00 Each

Made of the highest quality carbon fiber, GruppeM's exclusive ram-air design cools the intake charge from excess engine heat and forces a higher volume of air into the engine's manifold for more power and a throaty sound.


Airflow is the key ingredient to the combustion cycle of a high-performance engine. Therefore, the intake system cannot be ignored and must stand up to the task of supplying the engine with not only clean air (free of any residue or particulate matter), but also maintain ample cooling to provide the highest density possible, in addition to properly utilizing the ram effect at high speeds, to effectively increase the volume of the intake charge. These are key ingredients to bring out the full potential of your engine.

At GruppeM, our engineers take all of this into account when designing our special RAMair Systems. We start with only the finest carbon fiber or carbon kevlar materials, hand crafted to ensure proper fit and finish.

Our technology partnership with K&N, means only the finest four-layer cotton filters are used, custom designed and manufactured to GruppeM’s strict standards. Together, K&N’s long history of air filter design combined with our track proven technology means we can offer you the finest ram air induction systems available.


Engineering & Technology

Automobile manufacturers must make design concessions to meet cost criteria. In contrast, GruppeM pursues the ideal. Expert craftsman and zero-tolerance manufacturing processes deliver vehicle systems that improve performance while increasing visual appeal. Lightweight materials like titanium, carbon fiber, and carbon-kevlar weaves are exploited for their strength, thermal properties, and distinctly unique GruppeM sound.

Every GruppeM carbon fiber air intake system is made by hand with lightweight carbon fiber composites using the most advanced “wet” and “dry” carbon fiber manufacturing processes. Each system must exceed the requirements to sustain the extreme pressure induced by high-performance engines.

Each design is different to create the best shape for each car model to maximize utilization of the limited available space in the engine room compartment. GruppeM manufacturing processes only utilize the most technically advanced materials.

From high-density carbon fiber with Kevlar® weave to instrument-grade aluminum and titanium elements, each GruppeM air intake, exhaust, brake line, andaerodynamic system is designed, crafted, and relentlessly tested to accomplish one goal… increase performance.



Each cone-shaped high-density multilayer cotton fiber filter is specifically designed by K&N for GruppeM air intake systems. GruppeM has specifically designed each carbon fiber air intake case for each matching car make and model.

Engineered to increase airflow, increase air velocity, stabilize the flow pattern, decrease intake air temperature, and decrease weight, the GruppeM RAMair™ intake system takes high-performance to a new level.

All GruppeM air intake systems come complete with precise installation kits providing bolt-on simplicity to the fitting process including the exclusive design of the GruppeM fitting adapter to ensure each fitting is exact. The custom K&N filter made for specifically for GruppeM is easily maintained with normal cleaning long performance life. K&N filters are designed to function and perform as new following regular cleaning of the cotton fiber.



Airflow velocity and temperature at the time of inhalation are critical to improved combustion. With the patented conical GruppeM filter shape, when air passes through the filter, it is compressed, and creates thrust similar to a jet engine, increasing the flow velocity. The limited space in the engine compartment is used as effectively as possible through extensive design. The shape of each GruppeM intake duct is designed to increase airflow velocity incrementally with the forced induction pressure.

Each GruppeM RAMair intake system has a serialized plate riveted to the surface of the intake duct to indicate the intake is a genuine GruppeM product, and exceeds the quality manufacturing and finished product standard set by GruppeM, and symbolizes the quality guarantee of every GruppeM product.

About GruppeM

High-performance hand crafted air intake, exhaust, brake line, and carbon-fiber aerodynamic design systems created with proprietary processes, pure metals and alloys, and carbon/kevlar composites developed after extensive research and relentless testing to achieve one goal...
performance without compromise.

All Gruppe M intakes are manufacturered to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. The units are shipped directly from Japan to your door. A $200 additional international shipping cost will be charged in addition to the listed amount once the order is confirmed with Japan.




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