SF-V 001


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Sport Forged SF-V 001


The Sport Forged SF-V 001. is made with strength and weight as its primary objective rather than solely being an aesthetic design. The purpose was to create a wheel with reinforcements that create rigidity in areas that receive significant stress.




Creating relief pockets between the spokes not only reduces weight, but is machined to resist permanent deformation. This area of the wheel receives significant stress in the form of torque – rotational or twisting force. These voids improve tensile strength, resisting deformity, launch after launch.



Combining the latest manufacturing technology with raw matter; we’re on a path to always improve, learn and never settle with average.

  • Fully forged to establish strength in directional grain flow
  • Reinforced sectors to improve tensile durability
  • Machined voids machined to prevent permanent deformation
  • Relief pocketing to reduce mass and decrease weight



About Vorsteiner

Vorsteiner and Imagination

Vorsteiner is a company that was conceived through the imagination of creating the highest quality parts for the most discerning vehicles and clientele. Our relentless pursuit of advancement and perfection is seen not only in our unmatched automotive parts, but also in the hands of carbon fiber craftsmen to create purely sensational parts for the most deserving and elite vehicles.

Vorsteiner Vision

Vorsteiner's vision is only one thing: create then place in the hands of car aficionados everywhere the most advanced and innovative parts that are unrivaled in quality and aesthetic beauty. Pushing the boundaries of art and technology, Vorsteiner will not cease to lead the industry with the premium composites manufacturing technology

Vorsteiner Quality Control

Every Vorsteiner product is rigorously tested and must pass our highly detailed quality control before leaving the on-site Vorsteiner factory. Only after rigorous testing can a part be deemed worthy of the Vorsteiner name. Our clientele expect nothing less than perfection from Vorsteiner, and we welcome and exceed these expectations.

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