Zuffenhaus and Fikse are pleased to offer faithfully scaled reproduction of the original Fuchs* wheel for your Porsche. The Fikse ZF wheels are of unmatched quality and materials. Take advantage of modern tire selection and enjoy the traditional Stuttgart aesthetic for your more current Porsche automobile. These 3 piece wheels have a blind fastened forged center and retain the classic good looks of the originals they pay tribute to.

Available in 17″ and 18″ in a wide variety of fitments for early and late Porsche applications.

  • STANDARD Finish – Satin Black center, Mirror Polished outer rim representative of the 1974-89 era Fuchs* aesthetic.
  • CLASSIC Finish – Mirror Polished spokes with Satin Black accent on wheel center, Mirror Polished outer rim.
  • SATIN CLASSIC Finish – Satin Silver anodized  spokes with Satin Black accent on wheel center, Satin Silver outer rim representative of the pre-1974 classic 911
  • RSR Finish – Frosted anodized spokes and outer shell, bright lip, black background on wheel center appropriate for the historic 1973 RSR and vintage Porsche* motorsport applications.

Now available in both Soft Lip (true to the original Fuchs* aesthetic) and Standard Lip – for those more motorsports-oriented applications where maintaining the utmost Fuchs-aesthetic is secondary.

Engineered and certified to SAE J328 specifications.

*Zuffenhaus Products and Fikse are in no way affiliated with Porsche or Fuchs.


About Fikse

Proven Race Technology

Designing and building championship-winning race wheels is the core of everything we do at Fikse.

Fikse wheels provide an unmatched advantage on the track: Lightweight components, superior strength and stiffness combined with ease of serviceability and significantly lower operating costs over multiple seasons due to durability.

Because Fikse controls its own design, research and manufacturing at our plant in North America, we offer greater responsiveness and closer technical cooperation for teams and OEMs engaged in special projects and race car technical development.

Starting with our first race championship in 1994, Fikse has continued to supply racers around the world with a proven competitive advantage, helping teams be first across the finish line ever since.

Fikse has supplied teams in the Grand American Rolex Sports Car Series, Grand American Koni Challenge, American Le Mans, Speed World Challenge, the FIA Sports Car Series, and other around the world.

Fikse specialists are accessible to our professional racing customers 24/7 and we routinely work to develop specialized technical solutions for unique motorsport needs.

Professional race teams are invited to contact Fikse directly for a custom motorsport consultation and wheel proposal.

We look forward to meeting you – and racing with you! Contact us for more information.

Images are provided by the manufacturer/supplier and may be a generic photo for representation purposes, and not of the actual product. Pricing also subject to change without notice.

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