Audi B8/B9 A4/A5/S4/S5/RS5 Integrated Engineering Dogbone Mount Insert

Part # IEDTCG1
Price: $34.99 Each

Product Features

• Stiffens the factory mounts and delivers smoother shifts
• Laser scanned and CAD designed to ensure perfect fitment
• Easy install done in 10-15 minutes
• Manufactured from Durometer 80 urethane
• Eliminates drivetrain slop without causing excessive vibration
• Reduces engine movement during aggressive gear changes
As the power output of your car increases the stock rubber dogbone mount (also commonly referred to as the pendulum mount or torque arm insert) will begin to fail. This kit functions by filling the factory rubber bushing voids with a laser scanned exact-fit durometer 80 urethane insert, providing additional support and eliminating excessive flex. The IE TruFIT dogbone insert is the perfect solution for smoother shifts on everything from stock cars all the way up to big turbo kits.


  • AUDI -  B8 A4 2009-2015*
  • AUDI -  B8 A5 2008-2015*
  • AUDI -  B8 S4 2010-2015*
  • AUDI -  B8 S5 2008-2015*
  • AUDI -  B8 RS5 2013-2015*
  • AUDI -  B8 Q5 2008-2015*
  • AUDI -  B8 SQ5 2008-2015*
  • AUDI -  B9 A4 2015+*
  • AUDI -  B9 A4 Allroad 2015+*
  • AUDI -  B9 A5 2015+*



About Integrated Engineering

IE Company Overview

Integrated Engineering is dedicated to providing high quality automotive performance products without compromising quality, or reliability. We specialize in making your car go faster for longer with highly engineered products.

Our customers have grown to expect a quality build and finish that we strive to over deliver on, not only to manufacture the best, but to ensure the final product performs as well as it was engineered.  This begins with a in-depth design process that can take months to years, and through specialized software the digital product is designed and re-imagined many times over.  From here, many products are "rapid prototyped" in a ABS plastic to check dimension, fit, and in some cases application. Many of our high-power performance products such as connecting rods, camshafts, and valve train components undergo hours of ruthless testing on our in house engine dyno.  This all ensures that our products have real world-data, for real-world results, on real-world cars.  At Integrated Engineering our commitment to bring you the highest quality performance products available with uncomprimised performance truely sets us apart from the rest.


Integrated Engineering was founded in 2007 in Salt Lake City, Utah by Peter & David Blais.  Integrated Engineering was started as a Volkswagen / Audi high-performance engineering company specializing in Turbo charged and strong, reliable engine builds. Since then, IE has set a new standard for performance products in many areas including connecting rods, camshafts, valve train, and billet accessories. Integrated Engineering has made a mark in the enthusiast community, and continues to offer the quality and performance orientated product our customers demand.

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