High-Flow Cat Downpipes with X-Pipe (JHM) for the B8 S4-S5 3.0T and 4.2L FSI

Price: $1,200.00 Kit

Built as a direct OEM replacement, our JHM Catted Downpipes with X-pipe are easy to install with simple hand tools with no cutting or welding required. Our X Pipe is designed to increase low end torque and maximize power throughout the entire RPM band. Moving the Catalytic Converters further downstream into the downpipes, we are able to take full advantage of our JHM B8 2.5" Race Pipes and alleviate heat build up close to the engine, increases Catalytic Converter longevity, as well as overall engine performance.




-JHM High-Flow Cats located further downstream 
-JHM V-Band Downpipe to X-Pipe Connection for easy install 
-Direct OEM Fitment without modification




There is a lot of confusion surrounding the B8 S4-S5 Exhaust System Setup mostly due to the current "brand-x" systems available on the market. The B8 Exhaust can be split up into 5 parts. Starting from the outlet at the cylinder head you have the exhaust manifolds, the cat or test-pipes, the downpipes (this includes the x-pipe on the JHM B8-S4-S5 Full Exhaust System), and the remaining portion that includes the mufflers that exit at the rear of the car (sometimes this entire section is called the cat-back).

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